The Hospital Management supports the sales strategies and marketing of a variety of electromedical high scientific technology products of international importance, promoted and developed by leader companies of global industry.Therefore, among the products they include diagnostic and radiological , oncological ( Pet, MRI , CT , Pet / CT , angiography , Linear Accelerator , etc .. ) equipment  and different medical devices, including the entire line of pain therapy and Cardiology .

The Hospital Management also own a fleet of ” Mobile Diagnostics Trailers ” allowing to support diagnostic departments , especially in peak and downtime periods. The trailers can be hired with or without medical assistance and reporting , on a weekly and monthly basis. The trailers are equipped with : Pet, Ct , MRI , Mammography devices  , Ultrasound devices, MRI Aurora System , etc … . ) . These systems come in health sites ready for use: Plug & Go ! They are absolutely flexible and are ” Taylor Made ” for our customers .