Integrated systems for hospital management

We offer a wide range of services designed to create an integrated structure between the traditional management control centers.

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Research, training and development programs

Hospital Management, supported by several programs of R & D, internationally carried out and developed by various American groups and worldwide partners.

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Healthcare Design

The Hospital Management deals with the design and all check stages in order to obtain the highest quality standards in terms of both design and usability of the facilities.

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Project & Construction Management

The Hospital Management and its consultans handle, for several years, the entire chain of project management, dedicated to the specific health sector.

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Bio-Medical engineering

Through the developed specific experiences, we can fully explore the clinical and hospital engineering theme, designing and supporting own customers in choosing the adequate equipment and needed technology for the specific Hospital / Department.

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healtcare solution

Healthcare Solutions

The Hospital Management S.A. delivers professional services and consulting activities, marketing , supplying and installation of scientific medical equipment and healthcare technologies.

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