Focused solutions for the creation of a global health management

We offer a wide range of services designed to create an integrated structure between the traditional management control centers, such as

  • administrative functions
  • the study of operational management costs,
  • the determination of costs per disease
  • the overall Company management both from an economic and financial point of view, including
  • the study of short and medium term budgets

and new sector-based management centers within complex structures, such as ·

  • the overall management of operating theaters with the study of processes in operating rooms
  • the study of operating theater criticalities
  • analysis of the flow diagrams.

Identification and evaluation systems of high-tech operating theaters and departments.

Other sectorial management centers are identified as:

  • information systems and resource management through an optimization of the planning processes
  • intervention scheduling through health network embedded information systems·         operating theaters management systems Introduction,
  • warehouse management of operating blocks ,
  • external management of relations with suppliers
  • personnel management systems through efficient scheduling of shifts, depending on the workload.